Open Letter to Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto
August 30, 2021
06:15 PM PST

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto,

My name is Dr. Michael Davis and I am the President and Founder of a Cannabis Industry group, Las Vegas Cannabis Industry Leaders, dedicated to the promotion and stabilization of cannabis use in the local community for both Medical and Adult use free of federal penalties and proper regulation.

I am writing as your constituent to ask that you support the forthcoming efforts of Senators Cory Booker, Ron Wyden, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to finalize and advance legislation to repeal the federal prohibition on marijuana and to eventually regulate cannabis commerce.

On July 14th, 2021, these three Senators released their proposal and are taking public comment until September 1st, when they will go through stakeholder feedback and work on their package for a formal legislative introduction.

It is my hope that you will work in good faith with these offices on a package that you can VOTE YES on when the Senate Majority Leader brings it to the floor later in the legislative session.

Currently, cannabis is classified as an illegal dangerous drug by the FDA with criminal penalties imposed by the DEA. Our contention is that the plant is neither an illegal dangerous drug nor is it actually medicine but should be regulated as a medicinal herb from which medicine and recreational substances may be derived. The raw plant should be regulated and taxed by the USDA as a simple farm commodity similar to grapes, corn, potatoes and hops which are raw precursors in the production of wine, whiskey, vodka and beer.

Furthermore the plant itself should be considered as a precursor to recreational substances such a pre-rolled joints, marijuana extracts and these processed products should be regulated and taxed under the guidelines of the ATF. In addition the raw plant itself is neither hallucinogenic nor a medicine as the inactive cannabinoids require a physical and chemical alteration called decarboxylation in order to change the inactive THCA into active THC. This alteration process is attuned to the conversion of corn, potatoes, wheat and grapes by fermentation into alcohol. This is the rationale as to why the Cannabis plant should be regulated under the guise of the USDA.

Public support for marijuana policy reform is at an all-time high, with Gallup reporting a supermajority of Americans supporting its legalization, including outright majorities of Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters with 2/3 of the states currently labeling the Cannabis plant as Medicine.

Now is the time for your office to commit to supporting an end to the failed and cruel policy of marijuana prohibition and the Federal Legalization of Cannabis for Adult use and a Medicinal Herb.

Thank you.

Dr. Michael Davis
President and Founder
Las Vegas Cannabis Leaders

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